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Equity Investments

Our business model is to purchase properties in areas that are projected to experience increased demand, obtain entitlements, and sell the land to builders. Other attractive  real estate ventures and opportunities will be considered.

If you are aware of any closely held businesses or real estate that are for sale, please contact Robert Chalfin at either or (732) 321-1099. It is our experience that it benefits everyone if we make a quick decision on any opportunities that are presented. 

Investment Chart

Who Will Be Investing?

Any investment, if made, will be made independently from The Chalfin Group Inc. and The Chalfin Group Inc. will have no managerial, operational, financial, or legal relationship with the entity through which any investment is made.  No commitment to make any investment is implied by this announcement. 

While any venture that makes economic sense will be considered, there is a particular interest in ventures where the parties have some relationship to The Wharton School or The University of Pennsylvania such as being alumni. 

All transactions should comply with the following criteria: 


  • The entrepreneur/deal sponsor (“Sponsor”) must be fully committed to the endeavor and work in the business on a full-time basis.

  • The projected internal rate of return (“IRR”) must be attractive based on the business being purchased and the economic climate.

  • The Sponsor’s remuneration must be reasonable considering the existing market and type of business.

  • The waterfall must be structured to align the Sponsor’s incentives with the investors’ goals.

  • The Sponsor and/or family and friends must invest a meaningful amount in the transaction. 

Investment Chart
Online Shopping

Types of Investments Considered

While we consider all viable opportunities, some of the more attractive situations include businesses with the following characteristics:


  • EBITDA of between $200,000 to $500,000

  • Valid business model

  • Strong management team

  • Recurring revenues

  • Scalable operations


Businesses in all sectors of the economy will be considered including: 

  • Information technology

  • Software

  • Mobile Home Parks

  • Professional Services

  • Hotels / Lodging

  • Real estate – commercial and residential

  • Manufactured Homes


Real estate

  • Land requiring entitlements (permitting) in growing areas including: 

    • Central Florida – Pasco, Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Polk Counties

    • Austin, Texas

    • Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah

    • Central New Jersey

  • Multi-unit residential that can support outside management

  • Mobile Home Parks


To learn about assets that are for sale, click here.


If you are considering selling your business, please send

a brief executive summary of any potential

opportunities in confidence, along with your contact information, to or click here


​Our team has decades of experience investing in closely held businesses and real estate.

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