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Litigation Support

The Chalfin Group Inc. has substantial expertise in areas of litigation support where economic issues need to be evaluated.


We are frequently appointed by Courts to serve in various capacities including fiscal agent and mediator to assist in resolving cases.


We can assist you with the preparation of economic damage, business valuation, commercial damages including lost profits, income analyses, and other economic-related reports for litigation-related matters.  Where appropriate, we will review, analyze, and rebut reports that have been prepared by other experts.


Analyzing Data

We can develop and implement algorithms to calculate economic losses.

Our fees are based on the time involved to review the data, analyze the information, and prepare a report. If testimony is required, we charge an additional fee based on the time involved. Prior to being retained, our firm will send you a retainer letter which outlines each party’s responsibilities. You should not assume that The Chalfin Group is being retained until you receive, sign, and return our retainer letter.

To learn more about this offering please contact us at or at (732) 321-1099.

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