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The Chalfin Group Inc. has deep expertise in all areas of litigation support. We can assist you with the preparation of economic damage, business valuation, income analyses, and other economic-related reports for litigation-related matters.  Where appropriate, we will review, analyze, and rebut economic damage reports that have been prepared by other experts.
Our company, a well-respected consulting firm, has been retained by both plaintiffs and defendants for our background in economic losses.
We can also assist in developing and implementing algorithms to calculate economic losses.
Economic Loss Reports
Generally, to prepare an economic loss or a rebuttal report, the firm requests that you complete an economic loss questionnaire and submit it along with a copy of the complaint, answer, and any other relevant documentation. Reports may cover:
•    Wrongful death and personal injury
•    Valuation of household services
•    Commercial damages and lost profits
•    Income analyses
•    Analysis of life care plans
•    Wrongful termination


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